EMTEC GEM Box Microconsole Now Available Worldwide


PARIS – September 8, 2016 – EMTEC International announced the Gaming-Entertainment-Multimedia (GEM) Box, an all-in-one gaming and entertainment microconsole, is now available in stores and online worldwide. For a suggested $99.99 USD, the EMTEC GEM Box includes the device, a Bluetooth gaming controller and one month’s access to the GameFly Streaming service. The device features four unique ways to play video games, including GameFly Streaming, Android gaming, PC mirroring and retro emulation that will appeal to families, casual gamers and hardcore players alike. More information about the EMTEC GEM Box including a trailer, console specs, detailed information and a list of games is available on the official website: EMTEC-GEMBox.com

“Our motto is ‘technology made for life,’ and the GEM Box truly exemplifies this idea. It packs a great deal of entertainment options into a tiny package, giving everyone from parents to core gamers the flexibility to forget about tech limitations and just have fun together,” said Nathalie Lamri, Marketing Director at EMTEC. “We designed the GEM Box to fill a void between game consoles and streaming boxes, and are confident that it offers an exceptional value for videogame fans of all ages,”

With four ways to play, the GEM Box is a versatile product with something for everyone:

  • GameFly Streaming features over 70 on-demand AAA games for a low monthly fee, and includes instant access to award-winning titles like Bioshock, Tomb Raider, Borderlands, Pac-Man, Hitman, DiRT, Saints Row, Dead Island and more (full list  at this link)
  • Android Gaming via Google Play offers lots of free and cheap titles for all ages, including any apps already linked to a user’s Google account. Out of the box, the GEM Box includes four pre-loaded Gameloft games (including popular racing and kids games) for instant action
  • Retro Gaming via emulation provides access to an enormous range of classic titles that span the history of gaming, letting players relive the 8-bit and 16-bit eras

PC Game Streaming lets players enjoy cutting-edge PC games in comfort, mirroring content from the computer to any TV in the homThe diminutive EMTEC GEM Boxis just 3.25 inches square, less than an inch tall and weighs 3.7 ounces, so it’s discreet in home entertainment centers and a perfect option for gaming on the road. It supports up to four Bluetooth controllers for couch co-op and head-to-head multiplayer action, while a gyroscopic remote with physical QWERTY keyboard will also be available separately. The microconsole’s user interface has been built from the ground up for an intuitive experience, while the GEM Store provides a curated list of over 165 Google Play games that are optimized for controller support.

Beyond gaming, the EMTEC GEM Box grants access to millions of Android apps and media services, while several entertainment apps including YouTube come pre-installed. Consumers can rent or access their entire library of music, TV and movies from the Google Play store, or enjoy their own personal multimedia library and entertainment content via USB or microSD port. Android and iOS devices can mirror content directly to the TV, making it simple to use the device as a media hub for sharing photos and multimedia content directly from a phone, tablet or laptop.

With EMTEC’s 75 years of experience in the hardware industry and a device powered by Gigabyte Technology’s award-winning motherboard and graphic chipset, buyers can be confident of the EMTEC GEM Box’s quality construction, performance and durability.


Visual assets, including product shots, game images, logos and trailers can be downloaded via the following links:

Images - https://www.yousendit.com/download/cUJVYlJWaTFtNEtHR3NUQw

Videos - https://www.yousendit.com/download/cUJVYlJlYStFd2VGa2RVag