With new EMTEC N150H, enjoy Full HD digital recordings made simple

Movie Cube N150H

Digital recording made simple !

EMTEC, a European leader in mobile storage solutions and computer peripherals, announces the era of simplified digital TV recording with new Movie Cube N150H. This new DVB-T tuner and multimedia recorder is unique in its concept and functions !

Entirely Full HD (up to 1080p), new Movie Cube N150H presents all the features necessary to fully enjoy a multimedia recorder.

Integrating an HD DVB-T tuner, it will play all DVB-T channels present in your area.

N150H offers 3 major recording functions : direct, one-button  recording, pre-programing via EPG (Electronic Program Guide), and Timeshift function, ideal pause a program and resume watching it anytime.

Movie Cube N150H is so flexible and simple to use that it's child's play to store your recordings on any external hard disk drive or USB key.

Its sober design will easily fit any living room, bringing a touch of discreet technology, while you'll be able to enjoy your pictures, music and videos on TV, without the use of any computer.


Availability : immediate
Suggested retail price : 79€ TTC


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