Company profile

The EMTEC brand was launched from a company steeped in history and experience. BASF, the inventor of the first magnetic tape for audio recording, was a pioneer in the media industry. In the late nineties, after years of innovations in the production of consumer tape products, including audio-cassettes, floppy discs and video-cassettes, BASF Magnetics became EMTEC Magnetics.

Turning the company's focus to mobile storage products, the EMTEC brand became a huge success in Europe, symbolized by the powerful red spiral logo. By 2006, EMTEC had produced the number-one selling brand of flash drives in France and the number-three selling brand of flash drives in Europe for five years and counting.*

Today, EMTEC is distributed in over 50 countries and prides itself on a 75-year history of creating innovative products that embody the human spirit: to preserve, protect and share the most valuable moments of daily life. Whatever the technology or the media, EMTEC commits to providing hassle-free, creative and stylish solutions that make technology easy to use and serve our consumers' memories, ideas and emotions.

Our brand signature: “Technology made for life”

Brand positioning:

An innovative brand which offers reliable products, easy to to use at an affordable price.

Our customers:

 Young adults, professional users, families

Our products:

 Fun and fashionable products that stand out of the crowd for creative and elegant designs which appeal as much as their technical performance.


History & Milestones

EMTEC / BASF : the recording media pioneer

1934 - Invention of the first magnetic tape for audio recordings
- Worldwide first recording of a concert on a audio tape: Sir Thomas Beecham and the London Symphonic Orchestra
- Launch of consumer tape products for audio recordings
- Start of Audio-Cassette production
- Start of Floppy Disk production
- Start of Video-Cassette production
- BASF Magnetics becomes an independent Inc. Launch of the CD-Recordable range
- New company name: EMTEC Magnetics
- Launch of the DVD-Recordable range
2000 - World-wide introduction of the EMTEC brand

- Acquisition by Dexxon Group. Extension of product portfolio to mobile storage
2006 - #1 selling brand of USB keys in France and #3 in Europe for 5 years and counting
. (Source: GFK)
- Launch and marketing of Movie Cube® multimedia HDD in Europe
- Introduction of Kooky USB drives in the United-States
- Operations in Dubai, to extend distribution in the Middle-Eastern region, India and Africa.
2010 - Launch of USB "Animals" range
2011 - Launch of USB licenses range