The French Île-de-France Region Councel selects EMTEC USB keys to equip Secondary school students with an Open Mobile Office

The French Île-de-France Region Councel selects EMTEC USB keys to equip Secondary school students with an Open Mobile Office.

Press information - Paris, 08 October 2007

Answering a French Government tender held last April, EMTEC has been selected by the Île-de-France Region Council to supply Open platform pre-loaded USB keys in order to equip 220 000 school students and teachers.

A Mobile Office and a digital bag for each student !


In September, over 220 000 students and teachers will be offered a USB key pre-loaded with 19 Open Source applications to support their school and personal development purposes. This initiative aims at two main targets : optimize daily school work and give each student a chance to access a high-quality technological content.

This initiative is a world premiere. No other public or private institution has ever implemented such an ambitious and wide scope distribution of technological or educational tools.

Technically speaking, the USB keys will have 1GB capacity and will contain 19 Open Source software, gathering the most common applications in five major categories :



  • Office : Open Office, Sumatra PDF reader
  • Internet : Firefox 2, Thunderbird email client 
  • Multimedia : VLC video player, audio player 
  • Utilities : Podcast manager, VoIP, compression software
  • Security : antivirus, crypting

Acting as a complete digital bag, the USB key will include additional educational resources as well as internet links to the major regional websites directed at the young. The key will also offer a full 600MB fre e storage capacity to save and transport personal data.

The Regional Council will deliver the keys during September to some 792 secondary Private, Public and Apprentice schools, relying on EMTEC, the N°1 USB Key brand in France. "We are very proud that we were selected in this tender and are extremely happy to contribute actively to the Île-de-France Region Council’s ambitious plan by supporting them with our production capacity, our logistic strength and our excellent service quality", declares Henri Vignat, EMTEC’s Marketing manager. "This approach is even more innovative as it is based on an Open Source application platform, in other words a high-quality, alternative solution, bearing strong values, in a context of technological pluralism".

Maximum accessibility, maximum freedom and maximum usage value...
Open Source serves education !

Through this move, the IDF Region pursues an ambitious plan aimed at improving access to latest technologies and renews its support to open formats.

The Open Source Mobile office is based on collaborative programming and gathers applications recognized for their excellent ergonomy and stability.

Intuitive and easy to use, EMTEC’s Mobile Office enables users to carry their data, personal applications and settings on their USB key and to connect to any PC as to their personal "on the stick" working place. Applications are executed directly from the key, without the need for installing them on the PC or using the host computer hard disc and without leaving a trace, with full independance, confidentiality, maximum usage value and extended compatibility.

To encourage each student to participate and make the spirit of Open Source his own, EMTEC USB keys aren’t locked. Applications can be updated, suppressed or added freely. For the same reasons, the full Open mobile office can be copied on other storage media or shared on the internet. Students can touch the spirit of Open Source while contributing to ethic IT development.

The Île-de-France regional market represents the first step of a long-term project held by EMTEC since a year and based on Open Source technologies. Other new products will follow, such as a new line of USB Keys pre-loaded with the EM-DESK Open Source mobile office, or the capability to supply private companies or state organisms with a tailor-made, customized Open application platform.

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