Digital Educational solutions


Smart Keys for Education

EMTEC smart keys meet the requirements of the most demanding needs, both on hardware and software aspects. Our ready-to-use solution consists of Gdium USB Mobile PC, dedicated to high school and university students. Yet we also offer our expertise and know-how to develop tailor-made solutions for public institutions based on their specific needs in terms of:

  • customization of the casing and user interface with institution's graphics;
  • selection of the embedded applications, including OS;
  • access to secured online or off-line contents as provided by institutions or publishers.


Gdium USB Mobile PC : the ready-to-use solution dedicated to education

A complete mobile desktop on a USB stick with an online extension, the Mobile PC USB key offers school children as well as college, high school and university students an affordable and handy tool to work, play and communicate in a safe and continuous digital environment, with or without an internet connection, in total mobility.

No installation is required : just plug Gdium USB Mobile PC into your computer, click on the Gdium icon and you will get your own work environment wherever you are, on any computer.


A complete ecosystem!

  • A real working environment
  • Embedded Operating System
  • 50 pre-loaded free software
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux


Target groups

  • School
  • Colleges
  • High school
  • Higher education and universities

A technology developed by Agora Box

As academic programs are country-specific, our solutions may vary from one country to another.
To check availability of a solution in your country, please contact your national EMTEC sales office.

Our customer references on Smart keys

  • French Education Ministry

French Education Ministry has chosen EMTEC as their manufacturing partner in the large scale operation called « une clé pour démarrer » and launched in 2008. For this operation, 50 000 secured USB keys have been provided over 3 years to new CAPES teachers to encourage the use of new technologies among the next generations of teachers.

Customized by subject and study level, these keys are password protected and serve as a unique entry point to large quantities of digital educational contents resulting from various regional initiatives, organized by the Ministry and made available online. Each key features 2GB of storage capacity, works with Windows and Mac, and offers password-protected access to:

  • institutional links;
  • pedagogic resources;
  • examples of possible usages;
  • a tool box


  • French Île-de-France Region Council

Since 2007, French Île-de-France Region Council trusts EMTEC with equipping Secondary school students and teachers with smart keys. Over  620 000 EMTEC USB keys, pre-loaded with Open Source applications, have been distributed over 3 years. Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, these keys offer 2GB storage capacity and include:

  • 19 Open Source applications covering office, multimedia, internet and security needs
  • links to information and news websites handled by the region
  • free storage space acting as a digital bag for backing-up and carrying multimedia files.

This initiative is a world premiere. No other public or private institution has ever implemented such an ambitious and wide scope distribution of technological or educational tools.