10 GEM Box and 2 4K TV to win!


The #GemboxChallenge is over. CONGRATULATIONS to the winners, who each take home a GEM Box or a 55'' 4K TV, perfect to play with your GEM Box!

Gameloft and GEM Box invite you to take part in the #GemboxChallenge in Asphalt 8: Airborne. Race full-speed along quintessentially British streets, roaring past landmarks such as Westminster Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, and all of the city’s vast green spaces.

The two-part challenge will be held on the London and London Eye tracks, behind the wheel of the incredible Lykan Hypersport, and will pit players from France, the United Kingdom and the United States against each other.

Between November 24 to 27 and December 1 to 4, Gameloft and GEM Box invite you to take part in the GEM BOX 1ST CHALLENGE and the GEM BOX 2ND CHALLENGE, and race for a GEM Box and a 55” 4K TV!

  1. Download Asphalt 8: Airborne now!
  2. Launch EVENTS > GEMBOX 1ST CHALLENGE / GEM BOX 2ND CHALLENGE get behind the wheel of the ultra-powerful Lykan Hypersport, and get the top spot in the rankings.
  3. Fill out the participation form at the end of the race.
  4. Track your ranking in real time straight from your game in the GEM BOX CHALLENGE EVENT RANKINGS!

WIN THESE PRIZES between November 24 and 27 during the GEM BOX 1ST CHALLENGE:

  • 10 GEM BOXES
  • Special Asphalt 8 rewards and packs of in-game money!

More information:

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