Extreme redesign for EMTEC's USB core range


Extreme redesign for EMTEC's USB core range

EMTEC, a European leader in mobile storage solutions and computer peripherals, presents its summer collection core range USB model designs, blazed with flashy colors and modern, rounded shapes.

C400, efficient and joyful

With its futuristic and trendy shape inspired by latest concept cars, C400 features fresh and bright candy colors. Small (57 x 19 x 9 mm), C400 is a smart key : to avoid loosing their cap, users can simply block the cap at the end of the casing. And thanks to its vivid colors, one per capacity, users will immediately recognize their flash drives on store shelves and among each other.

Also exists in Duo-packaging.

C500, a unique and subtil design...

 Boasting an exclusive EMTEC design, C500 offers an elegant, Stabilo-pen-like shape. As the above model, C500 will not loose its cap, which easily blocks at the end of the key.
The flash drive capacity is indicated at the back of the key, revealing a subtle color marking combining transparency and opacity

Available in 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64GB, C400 and C500 both feature up to 15 MB/s read speed and 8 MB/s write speed.


The new packaging of EMTEC flash drives is eco-friendly

 Because environment is a priority, EMTEC reduces the use of plastic in the packaging of its new USB drives : using cardboard as main component, soy ink for printing and soy varnish top cover, EMTEC packagings only use PET plastic for the transparent protection bubble.







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