Mini Cube P200 : a new 2,5’’ hard disk drive by EMTEC, colorful and smart


New range of 2,5" external HDD Mini Cube P200 : style and simplicity

EMTEC, a European leader in mobile storage solutions and computer peripherals, launches a brand new line of 2,5-inch external hard disk drives featuring a unique and delicious design : Mini Cube P200 line.

P200 : a new 2,5’’ hard disk drive, colorful and smart

Playing with contrasts in colors and textures, P200 features an exclusive design combining a velvety casing (soft touch) and a glossy finish. This new EMTEC 2,5'' hard disk drive is available in five bright and trendy colors : fuchsia pink, electric blue, intense violet, silver and deep black. Choose yours or collect them all!

With a smart and ultra-portable design, P200 will accompany you everywhere. Compact (139 x 85 x 18mm) and light (190g), it will easy take place in a woman's bag or back pack, to carry around and share music and video files, or simply back up any desktop with style.  Storage capacities range up from 250 to 500GB.
No need to worry about your missing USB cable, P200's cable is directly wrapped around the casing (16 cm) !

Formatted in 2 different partitions, NTFS for multimedia and FAT32 for data storage, P200 is ideal for a universal and easy storage.
With the preloaded One Touch Backup software, users can back up immediately all file types, simply by pressing the hot key button (PC only).

A working LED indicator will let you know if the P200 is connected, reading or writing data, at a transfer rate of up to 480 Mb/s. P200 is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, 7, MAC OS 10.2.8 or next versions.

With as many smart functions and such a charm, P200 will brighten up your rainy September days with eternal shades of summer...

Availability: July-August 2010
Suggested retail price: from 69,90€ on

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