Double HD DVB-T tuners : Movie Cube models get even smarter

Movie Cube S850H et V850H

EMTEC, a European leader in mobile storage solutions and computer peripherals, enhances web functions on its range of Full HD multimedia drives, with new and smarter Movie Cube models S850H and V850H.

Advanced functions, recordings and integration

Acting as complete Full HD personal digital recorders, V850H and S850H are a must to store (up to 2 TB), play and record all multimedia files. Easy to use and program, they can record and play your favorite TV programs, as well a large number of multimedia files which you store on multiple storage devices such as USB keys, memory cards or digital camera.

These two spearhead models of the Movie Cube range evolve and now embed a double HD DVB-T tuner, which allows watching breaking news live on one channel while recording your favorite show on another channel. They both offer Timeshift function to let consumers pause their program and resume watching it any time.

Thanks to the audio / video jack (A/V in), these models also let you digitalize and store on the integrated hard drive your usual storage media (VHS, DVD) and save a valuable amount of space in your living room.

Direct access to Internet Multimedia Services (also known as IMS) is another new feature on these models. Consumers can enjoy services and updates from Flickr, Picasa, Yahoo! News and Yahoo! Weather directly on their TV and access web radio via a simple internet connection. Last but not least, NAS and WiFi functions allow file sharing at a distance.
Each model presents a sleek design: V850H features sober black rounded shapes to fit in all living rooms, while the famous S850H bi-color casing will give a modern and trendy aspect to your TV set. Its exclusive design and rotative LCD screen allow both flat or stand positions.

Availability : immediate
S850H suggested public prices:  500Go : 279€ - 1To :299€ - 2To : 369€
V850H suggested public prices:  500Go : 279€ - 1To :299€ - 2To : 369€


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