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Each year during the International CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the technology world gathers to showcase their new and upcoming products. The show is held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States every January. The show has been held for over 40 years and still remains as one of the popular sources of seeing what the technology world has to bring. This year at CES, EMTEC will be showcasing their new streaming devices, bringing your entertainment world to a whole new level.

This year at CES, EMTEC will be showcasing its new streaming device, GEMBox (Gaming – Entertainment- Multimedia). With this device, you will be able to turn your TV into a gaming hub, and have instant access to library with hundreds of premium games that cater to the entire family. You can enjoy either Android games from the Google Play store or the GEM store. You can even stream high-end PC and console games from GameFly Streaming cloud gaming service. Want more? You can even stream your complete Steam catalog from your PC to any TV in your house, without having to buy any additional accessories or cables.

EMTEC will also be showcasing its newest storage device to help you free up valuable space on your smartphone or tablet. WEYA (WherEver You Are) will allow you to move your photos, music, and video libraries without having to worry about those messy cables. There will be three new devices in the WEYA family, all catered to a different need. With the WEYA PhotoCube, you can backup and manage your personal photos and videos library, without the fear of losing any of those treasured memories. You will also be able to print those memories through the online photo print service in partnership with SnapFish allowing you to enjoy professional quality prints. The WEYA MusicCube will allow you to backup, manage, and stream your music library everywhere you are and play your music wirelessly from your WEYA Music Cube on any wireless speakers. The WEYA MovieCube is the ideal companion to easily carry and stream your entire movie library, without needing a local internet connection! All of these devices will have their own personalized app for your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to manage files WherEver You Are

In addition to freeing up space on your smartphones and tablets, EMTEC will be releasing iCobra, a quick way to extend your iPhone or iPad’s memory while on the go! You can easily transfer and share all of your files (mp3, photos, videos, movies) between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac or PC. You will also be able to take photos, videos, stream movies, or music directly to the iCobra, freeing up even more valuable space on your mobile device. The iCobra can also be partnered with the EMTEC Connect app, giving you the freedom of moving your files around while on the go. You can either plug the USB 3.0 flash drive into your Mac or PC and upload directly to your computer, or you can instantly back up your files to the cloud (DropBox, Google Drive). iCobra is also compatible with all protective cases, so there’s no need to worry about exposing your device to harm. EMTEC International is thinking of the hustle and bustle of daily lives and wants to ensure that nothing can come between the customer and their lives.

EMTEC’s final reveal for CES this year will be their new multi-room audio system, Soundunity. The Soundunity system is a multi-speaker, multi-room sound system that frees users from all constraints and offers virtually unlimited usage potential. Soundunity is built on a wide range of speaker options that ensure compatibility with all music sources. Soundunity is the most dynamic and complete multi-room speaker on the market! Soundunity will appeal to music lovers, digital users, music addicts, or anyone that desires freedom and a flexible lifestyle. With Soundunity, you can use a smartphone, tablet, computer, or TV to play different songs in any room of the house. You will be able to connect up to 30 speakers and even continue to enjoy your music outdoors with the wireless, portable speaks. Soundunity will also allow you to connect to an existing sound system with the integrated AUX input.

With the freedom to stream your music and files, why not give the EMTEC Connect line a try?

EMTEC Booth location:

Las Vegas Convention Center
South Hall 3
Booth n° 31867

Meeting times will be available during CES exhibit hours. Additional meeting times throughout the week will be available upon request. Please contact Kari Boo at  kari.boo@emtecelectronics.com to book yours.

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