EMTEC Unveils GEM Box at CES 2016

GEM Box by EMTEC at CES 2016

EMTEC Unveils GEM (Game * Entertainment * Multimedia) Box at CES 2016 with PC Library and GameFly Streaming


Powerful $99 microconsole provides instant streaming access to both AAA and casual video games alongside movies, TV, music, apps and more, coming 2016

PARIS – January 5, 2016 – Today at CES 2016, EMTEC announced that the Gaming-Entertainment-Multimedia (GEM) Box microconsole be available for purchase in 2016 for $99, including a high-quality Bluetooth gamepad. The EMTEC GEM Box will offer seamless access to a broad range of casual and core video games as well as movies, television and music at an affordable cost. An all-in-one home entertainment solution with minimal setup hassle, it’s ideal for families, letting everyone enjoy some of the best of modern games without the high cost of a console.

The EMTEC GEM Box will be on display during CES 2016 at the EMTEC booth: South Hall 3, #31867

“Streaming TV, movies and music is already second nature, and we’re now ushering in the game streaming revolution,” said Nathalie Lamri, Marketing Director at EMTEC. “With modern hardware backed by a robust network, EMTEC GEM Box will offer a premium cloud gaming experience, delivering huge franchises and top titles directly to a player’s screen in full HD.”

The EMTEC GEM Box offers a wealth of gaming and multimedia options including the new GameFly Streaming service, Google Play and PC streaming, all packed into a tiny, affordable device, turning the TV into a true gaming hub and giving players instant access to hundreds of console-quality video games without having to make a huge investment. The EMTEC GEM Box brings games straight from the cloud to the living room to provide a huge variety of high definition gaming – from kid-friendly casual games to core AAA fare – without the cost or complexity of a standard console. This includes award-winning titles from publishers such as Ubisoft, Bandai Namco, Capcom, Codemasters and Warner Bros. Interactive. Using PC Link, players can use EMTEC GEM Box as a hub to stream their entire catalog of games from PC to a TV.

The EMTEC GEM Box includes both the Android-based microconsole as well as a premium Bluetooth wireless controller, delivering the control that gamers demand right out of the package. The EMTEC GEM Box supports up to four controllers for multiplayer action. A gyroscopic remote control will also be available separately. The microconsole’s user interface has been built from the ground up to streamline control, including an intuitive keyboard for web browsing and text input via gamepad.

Beyond gaming, the EMTEC GEM Box grants access to millions of Android apps, media services such as Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and Spotify, and also includes several entertainment apps pre-installed, including Twitch and YouTube. Consumers can also rent and download music, television and movies directly from the Google Play store, or enjoy their own multimedia library and entertainment content via USB connection or microSD port. Powered by Gigabyte Technology’s award-winning motherboards and graphic chipset configurations, buyers can be confident of the EMTEC GEM Box’s quality construction, performance and durability.

More information about the EMTEC GEM Box is available on the official website:



The EMTEC GEM Box will be on display and available for press demonstrations during CES 2016 at the EMTEC booth: South Hall 3, #31867

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