EMTEC proudly presents a full range of new products dedicated to Football lovers for the World Cup !

Coupe du Monde

EMTEC proudly presents a full range of new products dedicated to Football lovers for the World Cup !

EMTEC, a European leader in mobile storage solutions and computer peripherals, today announces a revolutionary multimedia hard disk drive and new USB key models especially developped for Soccer lovers!


Turn a living room into a movie theater with new Movie Cube Theater T800 !
To enjoy the games as if you were in the stadium, a television set is not enough: with new EMTEC Movie Cube Theater T800, you can turn entire walls into a projection screen!

With its embedded DVB-T tuner, Movie Cube Theater T800 is a portable TV beamer which lets you watch programs on just any surface.

With its recording function and embedded 2,5” Hard disk drive, T800 is the perfect device to store your most-wanted games and watch over the nicest moves of your favorite teams.
Featuring a USB port, a memory card reader and integrated 2x2W RMS speakers, T800 will also play your stored videos from any removable media or USB peripherals, with a high quality sound.

As it is lightweight and ultra portable (less than 1,7kg), you can take your Movie Cube Theater T800 with you to share TV programs, videos or photos at a friend’s place or underneath the stars...
Available in 250, 320 and 500 GB. Also comes without recording function (T750 model).
Availability: June 2010
Suggested retail price: from 429€ (for T800 model, 250GB)

Movie Cube V800H Full HD: will not let you miss a single game
A true Full HD personal digital video recorder with HD DVB-T tuner, Movie Cube V800H lets you program your recordings in advance and watch your recorded games over and over again. No need to stay awake all night in order not to miss the game you’ve been waiting all week!

And if you are watching a game live, you can use Time Shift function to pause the program while you need a break and get back at it without missing a bit of it.
With its NAS and WiFi functions, optical and coaxial jacks, 2 USB ports and a memory card reader, Movie Cube V800H is without contest one of the most complete multimedia players and recorders of the market.

Available in 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB.
Availability: April 2010
Suggested retail price: from 199€ (500 GB)

S370 Football key: be a fan the elegant way

Here is the modern way to show interest in football in an original and  trendy fashion: the USB accessory wearing the symbol of your favorite game...

With its black & white lacquered soccer ball pattern, S370 is a « must » for all Football lovers who want to play it soft. Featuring an elegant and exclusive polished shiny metal casing, S370 has an original swivel opening & closing system which will alwyas protect the USB connectors.

Thanks to its mini size (H 33 x L 20 x D 10 mm) and smart special strap, you can take S370 with you in all circumstances, discreety attached to your key ring…

Available in 2, 4, 8 and 16 GB.
Availability : June 2010
Suggested retail price : from 12,90€ (2GB)

EMTEC Football players : this is team work!

To show their unconditional support, most dedicated fans will choose Football player USB keys, designed in the shape of a French national player. With their mini size, soft-touch rubber-coating and customized clothes, no fan can resist the Football player keys!

Football player keys feature a smart chain to attach your USB key to your keyring and a rubber cap holder to stick the 2 parts of the key together when it is plugged, to avoid loosing the cap.

And, as a European leader in USB keys, EMTEC supports all European teams and features Football players in several other national teams: Italy, Portugal and Spain thus have their own Football player key (each model is sold in its corresponding country).



Available in 4 GB only.
Availability : June 2010
Suggested retail price : from 14,90 (4GB)


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