Em-Desk is a free and portable software made available through a graphical presentation also providing storage for your personal data.

What is a free software ?
A software whith a so-called free licence allowing anybody to use, study, modify, duplicate, give and sell it.
It's also called Open Source as a reference to the free access to its source codes.

What is a portable software ?
A software used without initial installation.
Most of the time, a program updates the register table - the computer index - and copies files on the disk at the same time.
That is not the case for a portable software.
So, it's possible to start it from a USB key, on which there's not such a structure as a register table.

The Em-Desk "platform" has been created for being used on a USB key.

The included applications are split in different categories :

  • office (OpenOffice, Sumatra)
  • communication (Firefox, Thunderbird)
  • multimedia files decoding (VLC)
  • utilities (Sunbird, 7-Zip, Cornice)
  • data security (ClamWin, TrueCrypt)
  • accessibility (On-ScreenKeyboard, VirtualMagnifyingGlass)

Most of the commonly used file formats will be compatible with this selection...

There's also a direct access to your personal files stored on the USB key and divided into four areas :

  • My Documents
  • My Musics
  • My Videos
  • My Photos

With Em-Desk, mobile users bring their tools and data everywhere; they also keep their working environment, whatever the computer used and without any trace.