EMTEC Limited Warranty Policy

1. Emtec Product Limited Warranty



2. Warranty Period


*Rechargeable batteries in EMTEC products are backed by a 6-month warranty from the date of purchase.


3. Warranty Application



4. Exclusions From Limited Warranty


Damage, defects, breakdown or malfunction due to one or more of the following:

  • An external cause to the equipment (including but not limited to: lightning, fire, shock, vandalism, inappropriate conditions of electrical network or water damage of any nature)
  • Modifications made without the written approval of EMTEC
  • Unsuitable operating conditions, particularly of temperature and humidity
  • Repair or maintenance of the equipment by persons not authorized by EMTEC
  • Problems related to access and/or connection to the Internet such as interruptions by access networks or malfunction of the line used by the subscriber or his correspondent
  • Transmission faults (for example poor geographical coverage by radio transmitters, interference or poor line quality)
  • A local network fault (wiring, servers, workstations) or the failure of the transmission network
  • Modification of the parameters of the network or communication protocol carried out after the sale of the product

Cosmetic Quality:


The loss or deletion of data or application stored:


Non-EMTEC Branded Products / Third Party Products


Any other conditions whatsoever that are beyond the control of EMTEC.


(1) Applicable to dealers