S600 SpeedIN

  • The SpeedIn USB flash drive, with MLC memory, provides incredible performance. Read speed up to 400 MB/s and write speed up to 300 MB/s allow you transfer files up to 75 times faster than with a USB 2.0 standard key (256GB model).
  • No more waste of time : photos, videos and movies are transferred in seconds. It has never been so easy !
  • Up to 256GB storage capacity to save a large selection of media content.
Especificaciones técnicas
128, 256GB
Compatibilidad sistema
Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP / Mac OS X / Linux 2.6.31x
Velocidad de lectura
Up to 400 MB/s *
Velocidad de escritura
128GB : Up to 200 MB/s - 256GB : Up to 300 MB/s *
EMTEC Security
* Based on internal tests. Performance may vary depending on use and device.
Código producto
Descripción producto
Emtec USB3.0 S600 128GB
Emtec USB3.0 S600 256GB