Oprogramowanie - K120 - Odtwarzacz Multimedialny

Movie Cube K120

Firmware Movie Cube K120


The perfect entertainement device to enjoy all your multimedia files directly on your TV.

Wersja Data Problems solved Pobierz
r52 27/11/09
  • Important: this firmware disable "Standby function" and movie cube can only be power ON from unit button
  • Fix sound troubles issues during playback
V1 20090531 31/05/09
  • Fix some French, Portuguese, Italy, and German OSD
  • Fix DVD stop issue (you can press STOP for one time now to exit DVD playback)
  • Add file deleting function (via the DISPLAY button, only available in File list and on FAT32 partitions of the built-in HDD)
  • Add photo digest option in the setup menu