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How do I access to the SECURE partition when using Linux?

You can download the EmtecSecurity application on EMTEC website EmtecSecurity.zip
The utility for Linux is in the folder "EMTEC Security for Linux". Before use the Emtec USB key under linux you must configure it ( Password) from a Windows PC or Mac.

How to use:

  1. Copy the "emtec" file in a folder (for example: Desktop)
  2. Open the terminal
  3. Go to the folder containing the "emtec" file (use the command cd , example: cd Desktop)
  4. Run the "emtec" file (enter: sudo ./emtec)
  5. After the message "please input your password" enter the password of your EMTEC key.

Now you can access the SECURE partition!

How do I allocate the entire capacity of my SPEEDIN Flash Drive or SSD to PUBLIC, or change the size of partitions?

You can use the following procedure only with Mac OS X and Windows (does not work with Linux)

  1. Start the EmtecSecurity application
  2. Select the language
  3. Click on "Settings" (left icon)
  4. Click on the ''Set the partition size'' (right icon)
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen (slide the slider to the left if you want to switch all capacity to ''PUBLIC'')

Warning! Changing the sizes of the partitions erases all data on the drive.

How do I get the EmtecSecurity application after formatting my SPEEDIN Flash Drive or SSD?

You can download the EmtecSecurity application on EMTEC website EmtecSecurity.zip

Why do I only see half of the capacity of my SPEEDIN Flash Drive or SSD?

The flash drive is divided into two partitions. Only the partiton named ''PUBLIC'' is directly accessible. To access the second partition, named "SECURE", you must start the EmtecSecurity application. Please note that the 1st batch of production of X600 and S600 had an equivalent partition size by default between Public and Secure. That's why several customers tought that their USB flash drive only had half of its capacity available. To avoid this issue in the future, please note that all coming new S600 and X600 will have their full capacity in their public partition by default.

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