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How do I pair a GEM Motion remote control with my GEM Box console?

  • Turn on the GEM Motion remote control by pushing the “Power/standby” button.
  • Go to “My GemBox/Settings/Bluetooth” menu on your GEM Box.
  • Select “GEM Motion” to launch pairing.
  • When pairing is complete, a “connected” notification will appear on the TV screen.

How long is it necessary to reconnect my GEM Motion with my GEM Box when I reboot the console?

Around 20 seconds after pressing any button on the remote control.

How to recharge the GEM Motion?

To recharge the internal remote control battery, connect the GEM Motion to your Gem Box using the micro USB cable provided.

How to remove a task in the task list?

When you press the “task list” button on your GEM Motion remote control, all the tasks are displayed on the screen. You need to switch to “mouse mode” to remove a task. Slide down or up to end a task.

What do I do if the buttons on my GEM Motion remote control do not respond?

The built-in battery of the GEM Motion remote control might be running low. In this case, use the micro-USB cable provided to charge your GEM Motion. Your GEM Motion is still charging as long as the blue LED is on. As soon as the blue light goes off, your remote control is fully charged. utiliza cookies con fines técnicos para apoyar y mejorar su experiencia de usuario.

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