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AndroiD: Emtec Connect no logra leer un archivo de vídeo.

Aplicación para AndroiD

La aplicación Emtec Connect utiliza códecs del lector de Android predeterminado para leer vídeos.
Si el formato y los códecs de tus vídeos no son compatibles con el lector de Android predeterminado, debes utilizar una aplicación tercera para leer tus archivos de vídeo.
Para abrir un vídeo con una aplicación tercera, debes mantener pulsado 3 segundos tu archivo de vídeo para abrir
un menú de selección para elegir otro lector multimedia.

iOS App: Emtec Connect cannot play a video file.

iOS App

Emtec Connect App uses the iOS player codecs by default to play a video.
If the format and the codecs are not compatible then you will need a third party App.
To play a video with a third party App, press the video file for 3 seconds to open the player's menu.

We advice you the latest updated version of VLC which is compatible with the latest audio and video codec.

Under iOS there are many restrictions by Apple. Consequently there are few free players compatible. If no player (VLC, Oplayer Lite, etc.) can play your video file you can convert the file into a format compatible with Apple.
To convert your files we recommend using the codecs and formats compatible with Apple: .mp4 with audio codec AAC and video codec AVC/H264.

iOS App: How to copy photos from the Wi-Fi HDD to your iPhone/iPad.

iOS App

  1. Check if Emtec Connect can access to the Photos folder. Go to 'Settings'/'Emtec Connect' to check that 'Photos' is activated.
  2. Before copying, please check your photos are in a format compatible with Apple (jpg  jpeg  png).


  1. Go to the menu 'Photos'.
  2. Select Emtec Connect .
  3. Open 'Share'/'Pictures'.
  4. Select the photos to copy.
  5. Open 'Tools' menu and select 'Copy'.
  6. Select iPhone.
  7. Open 'Tools' menu and select 'Paste'.

iOS App: I cannot see all of my audio and video files on Emtec Connect.

iOS App

Only the files stored on my device are visible in Emtec Connect. Apple disables third party apps to access the files stored on iCloud, for security reasons.

Passwords management: How to modify the Wi-Fi password?

Passwords management

  1. Go to System/Configuration/Wi-Fi Settings/Security.
  2. Select Mixed WPA/WPA2-PSK.
  3. Enter the new password.
  4. Press "Save".

Passwords management: I have forgotten my password (Wi-Fi emtec device).

Passwords management

Reset your Power Connect to reset the password by default (EMTEC4567). Press the reset button 5 seconds (Power Connect must be turned on and not connected to USB). Reset function does not erase the files but resets the settings.

Passwords management: What is the password by default to connect to Emtec Connect App?

Passwords management.

Once the Wi-Fi connection is established between your smartphone/tablet and your Power Connect, you can launch the Emtec Connect App. Login is 'admin' by default and there is no password, keep blank and confirm.

Web App: How to install Emtec Connect App on a computer (Mac, Windows, Linux).

Web App

On your computer  (Windows, Mac , Linux) there is no need to install the Emtec Connect App. It is preloaded on the Power Connect in HTML. Open the web browser and enter the address

¿Cómo cambiar la contraseña de Emtec Connect Admin/Invitado?

Cambiar la contraseña

  1. Accede al menú Sistema/Configuración Emtec Connect/Configuración sistema/Usuario.
  2. Selecciona la cuenta Admin o Invitado en la primera línea.
  3. Escribe tu nueva contraseña en la segunda línea.
  4. Confirma la contraseña en la tercera línea.
  5. Pulsa en "Registrar" para validar. utiliza cookies con fines técnicos para apoyar y mejorar su experiencia de usuario.

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