Frequently Asked Questions

EMTEC product test protocol

Hardware used for the test

  • One PC ( Processor Intel i5 or equivalent, 4 GB RAM, USB 3.1 Gen2 Port  )
  • Cardreader UHS-II (up to 312 MB/s) /USB 3.1 

Software used for the test

CrystalDiskMark 6


[ a ] Plug the Flash drive or memory Card on the PC

[ b ] Close all application in Windows

[ c ] Launch CrystalDiskMark  6, Seting :

  1. Test count : 1
  2. Test Size : - 100 MB for USB 2.0
    - 1 GB for USB 3.1 and SD/MicroSD card
  3. Test drive

[ d ] Click on "Seq QT32T1" for run the test


CrystalDiskMark 6


USB flash drives are compatible with windows VISTA?

All of our flash drives are automatically detected by Windows Vista Ultimate, no other drivers are required. It may happen that the other versions of Windows VISTA face some issues. Please check in that case in Microsoft web site for update drivers.

What number of files to be stored by capacity

 4 GB8 GB16 GB32 GB64 GB128 GB256 GB
Photo APN 12 Mpixels (3,6 MB)1000200040008000160003200064000
Music MP3 (3,5 MB)1050210042008400168003360067200
Video 1080p20mn40mn1.20h2.40h5.20h10.40h21.20h
Video 720p1h2h4h8h16h32h64h

When I plug my flash drive to the USB port, nothing happens

Check that the USB port is not defective.
If you have multiple devices connected, it can happen that your USB port does not deliver enough power to the flash drive, in that case, try using a USB HUB having external power supply.