2.0 Drives

Add some color to your life!
The EMTEC C410 Color Mix USB Flash Drive offers a colorful update on a classic…

Back-up and share your data on a swivel colorful drive with sharp design.

Small capless design and reliable portable data storage.
Bring all of your content wherever you go!

Convenient and reliable portable data storage with slide to open system, and quick content transfer.

The USB flash drive that hooks onto everything!

Aluminium metal drive to store and share your documents

Choose your side: the Man of Steel or the Dark Knight?

Everything about them is iconic!
DC’s universe inspired USB flash drives bringing together some of the…

Premium metal drive with slider, to store and share your documents

Your favorite Looney Tunes characters will be with you all day long !

Wallpaper is back in style!

Don’t go out anymore without your favorite Wallpaper USB drive in your pocket !

Don't even try to resist the temptation of the Candy Jar!