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Free license extension to 5 years

If you already own a Click Secure B120 USB Drive with a one-year license, simply follow the procedure and extend your license to 5 years for free.

microSD UHS-I U3 V30 A1/A2 Gaming

microSD UHS-I U3 V30 A1/A2 Gaming

Store and play! More memory for your consoles, smartphones and tablets.
Perfect to increase storage of your console and store all your favorite games, pictures and videos.

X200 Portable SSD Power Plus

X200 Portable SSD POWER PLUS

The portable mSATA X200 SSD provides high speed transfer rates and large storage capacities. This makes it ideal for saving and transferring all your files: office, music, high resolution photos and videos.
Capacity: 128GB - 256GB - 512GB - 1TB

Photo Ambassadors Program

Photo Ambassadors Program

We want to foster lasting relationships with photo professionals, a niche group of people who use our products daily, and acknowledge their needs. We are eager to set up a program dedicated to photographers who do us the honor of being our ambassadors!