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Secure your data, encrypt all your files in one click! Encryption AES256 Bits FIPS140-2 software.
Password protection, easy to use. 5 years free license included with Click Secure B120 key.


B120 Click Secure is manufactured by DEXXON and uses EncryptUSB software licensed from ClevX, LLC. U.S.

Patent, EncryptUSB® US TM registration #6230607

Quick Guide

Your B120 drive comes with easy-to-use automatic software encryption tool for your portable drive (prepaid subscription provided with compliments by Emtec*), so all user content is always encrypted at rest. This encryption tool works well on and across Win and Mac computers and enables users to use native Win Explorer and Mac Finder as file managers.

  1. Connect the EMTEC Click Secure B120 USB 3.2 key to your Mac or PC and wait for the automatic opening of the password configuration window. If the window does not open automatically, open the EMTEC drive and click on EncryptUSB.exe. Enter and confirm your password. In the last field you can enter a hint to find your password if you forget it. To continue click on OK.
  2. read the warning message and click on Continue.
  3. Now you can copy-paste or drag and drop your files on the EncryptUSB™ protected drive.
  4. When EncryptUSB™ has finished encrypting your files there is a green mark on the small padlock.
  5. Mac: Click on Quit and drag the EMTEC reader to the trash before unplugging the USB key.
    Windows: Click on Exit and eject the EMTEC drive before unplugging the USB key.
  6. When you plug in your USB drive, EncryptUSB™ automatically asks your password to unlock encrypted files. When files are locked they have the .clevx extension.


- Mandatory update with Intel 10th or 11th CPU Generation.
If the software is not on the drive for any reason or not working, you can download or update it at the following link:

- The Emtec B120 Click Secure key is provided with a prepaid license valid from the first use. The software remains usable even after the license expires and still allows files to be decrypted, but it will not encrypt them anymore as long as the license is not renewed.
To proceed with the license renewal, you can do that on ClevX website. https://www.clevx.com/encrypt-external-portable-usb-drive/