T700 Cables Lightning / micro-USB / Type-C

  • Sleek and stylish design: metal shell and flat TPE soft-touch cable.
  • Straigth connectors, perfect for easy plug in.
  • Properly carries a 2.4 Amp charge (Lightning & micro-USB) and 3A (Type-C), enough to recharge a tablet, including an iPad Air.
  • Several versions available to match your favorite companion:
    • USB-A to Lightning (Apple MFi certified)
    • USB-A to micro-USB connector
    • USB-A to Type-C connector
    • USB-A to Type-C 3.1 Gen2 (Fast Charge)
    • Type-C to Type-C connector
  • 100 to 120cm/4” length ideal for work, home or auto charging.
T700A Duo Lightning pack


USB-A to Lightning (Apple-certified MFi)

T700B Duo micro-USB pack


USB-A to microUSB

T700 Duo Type-C pack

T700C / T700TC

USB-A to Type C

T700 Duo Type-C pack

T700 Type-C Câble 3.1 Gen2 (Charge Rapide)

USB-A to Type C

T700C2 Type-C to Type C

T700 Type-C Cable

Type-C to Type C

Technical specifications

Lightning version: for Apple devices with a Lightning port.
Micro USB version: for devices with a micro USB port.
Type-C version: for devices with a Type-C port.

USB-A to Lightning (Apple-certified ) / micro-USB / Type-C
120 cm / 4’’ - 100 cm / 3.3"
Package content
Flat Cable
Product Code
Product Description
Emtec Cable USB-A to Lightning T700
Emtec Cable USB-A to micro-USB T700
Emtec Cable USB-A to Type-C T700
Emtec Cable Type-C to Type-C T700
Emtec Cable USB-A to Type-C 3.1gen2

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