X400 M2 SSD Power Pro

  • Unleash your power and creativity ! Bring ultra-large storage capacities up to 4TB and massive performance to your games and applications.
  • Equipped with PCIe Gen4 x4 technology and a DRAM cache buffer, this state-of-the-art M.2 2280 NVMeTM SSD drive is the secret weapon you need for hardcore gaming and intensive workloads.
  • The Power Pro SSD drive will instantly boost your computer, up to 50x faster than a classic hard drive* !
    • Improved performances during your computer’s startup and shutdown phases.
    • Faster response of your most resource-demanding applications or heavy games.
    • Quieter and more shock-resistant than a classic hard drive.
5 Year Warranty


Technical specifications
Form factor

M.2 2280
80mm (L) x 22mm (W) x 2mm (H)

500 GB
1 TB
2 TB
4 TB
NVMe PCIe Gen4 x4
Memory management

ECC (Error Correction Code), Static and dynamic wear leveling
Bad block / TRIM / SMART / Over-Provision / Low Power management
Adaptative performance tuning

Read speed
500GB: Up to 4700 MB/s
1TB: Up to 4700 MB/s
2TB: Up to 4700 MB/s
4TB: Up to 4700 MB/s
Write speed
500GB: Up to 1800 MB/s
1TB: Up to 1800 MB/s
2TB: Up to 3400 MB/s
4TB: Up to 3400 MB/s
500GB : 200TB / 1.7MH
1 TB : 200TB / 1.8MH
2TB : 400TB / 1.8MH
4 TB : 800TB / 1.8MH
5 years
* Important

Based on internal testing with a standard 7200RPM hard drive.

* Speeds may vary depending on usage and hardware used.

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