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Emtec Connect cannot play a video file.

Emtec Connect App uses the iOS player codecs by default to play a video.
If the format and the codecs are not compatible, you will need to use a third party App.
To play a video with a third party App, press the video file for 3 seconds to open the player's menu.

Under iOS there are many restrictions by Apple. Consequently there are few free players compatible. If no player (VLC, Oplayer Lite, etc.) can play your video file, you can convert the file into an Apple compatible format.
To convert your files we recommendusing Apple codecs and formats compatible such as .mp4 with audio codec AAC and video codec AVC/H264.

How to copy photos from the iCobra key to your iPhone/iPad?

  1. Check if Emtec Connect can access to the photos folder. Go to 'Settings'/'Emtec Connect' to check if 'Photos' is activated.
  2. Before copying, please check your photos are in an Apple compatible format (jpg, jpeg, png).

Procedure to copy photos:

  1.  Go to the menu 'File/Folder'
  2. Select Emtec Connect
  3. Open 'Share'/'Pictures'
  4. Select the photos to copy
  5. Open 'Tools' menu and select 'Copy'
  6. Select iPhone
  7. Open 'Tools' menu and select 'Paste'.

How to format the iCobra USB key with Mac OS X?

Key formatting procedure iCobra Mac OS X:

  1. Connect iCobra key directly to the USB port of the central unit of your Mac (without USB extension cable, USB hub or other )
  2. Go to "Applications"
  3. Go to "utility"
  4. Go to "Disk Utility"
  5. Select the disk corresponding to iCobra,
  6. Select "MS-DOS FAT" format

How to format the iCobra USB key with Windows?

For the iCobra 32GB USB key, you can use the Windows format function to format it in FAT32.
For an iCobra USB key with a capacity greater than 32GB, you must use a utility. We recommend you use the format utility "guiformat.exe", available for free on the Internet.

Format procedure with guiformat.exe:

  1. Connect the iCobra key to the PC and check the drive letter that was given by Windows
  2. Launch the utility "guiformat.exe"
  3. Select the drive letter of the iCobra in the dropdown list "Drive"
  4. Enter a drive name in the "Volume label", "EMTEC" for example
  5. Check the box Quickformat
  6. Press the START button to start formatting.

I cannot copy music or video files from iCobra to my smartphone.

In the application Emtec Connect the local folders "iPhone Video" and "iPhone Music" are read-only.
You can copy your music and video files in the 'Documents' folder. Your files will be visible only in the Emtec Connect application.

I do not see all of my audio and video files on Emtec Connect.

Only the files stored on iCobra are visible in Emtec Connect.
Apple disables third party apps to access files stored on iCloud for security reasons.

The iCobra USB key is not being recognized by the iPhone or iPad, and writing on the iCobra key is impossible.

This problem is generated by the iOS 9.3.1 version. You have to update your iPhone or iPad with 9.3.2 version.
Please also check that iCobra is in FAT32 format.

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