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SD UHS-II U3 V90 SpeedIN Pro+

SD UHS-II U3 V90 SpeedIN Pro+

Ultra-performant UHS-II cards, for the pros and advanced users

  • Emtec SDXC UHS-II U3 V90 memory card offers incredible performance that compliments the downloading, transferring and sharing of apps, photos and videos.
  • Up to 256GB storage capacity to save a large selection of media content.
  • Impressive read speed up to 300MB/s* and write speed of 270MB/s*, to save your content without the mind-numbing wait.
  • Video Speed Class V90 ensuring easy identification of a compatible device.
  • Ideal for high-speed continuous shooting, full HD, 3D,  4K and even 8K UHD videos
    Technical specifications
    64 GB
    128 GB
    256 GB
    UHS-II U3 V90
    Read speed
    Up to 300MB/s*
    Write speed
    Up to 270MB/s*

    64, 128 and 256GB: Compatible with all devices supporting SDXC standards. Backward compatible with UHS-I.

    * Important
    ** Please make sure your device is compatible with UHS-II standard.
    Product Code
    Product Description
    Emtec SD 64GB UHS-II U3 V90 SpeedIN Pro+
    Emtec SD 128GB UHS-II U3 V90 SpeedIN Pro+
    Emtec SD 256GB UHS-II U3 V90 SpeedIN Pro+
    * Based on internal tests. Performance may vary depending on use and device.

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