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In preparation for this year’s Paris Photo fair, EMTEC is proud to announce the launch of an Ambassadors’ program dedicated to highlighting the work of its partners in photography.

Why start this project? How the idea was born…

We want to foster lasting relationships with photo professionals, a niche group of people who use our products daily, and acknowledge their needs. We are eager to set up a program dedicated to photographers who do us the honor of being our ambassadors!

This program is part of a wider initiative that allows us to be attentive to the needs and feedback of professionals in photography, and contribute to the satisfaction in the final rendering of their work. This is all thanks to tech products fitted to their data storage and transfer needs.

We ask photographers to use our products in their creative process and for their shootings. In exchange, we are excited to highlight their great work!


The DNA of the project

Our aim is to help photographers in their adventures and the technical aspects of their profession to contribute in the success of their work.

It is also a way of highlighting the art of passionate professionals and sharing their achievements through regular publications, partnerships and highlights on our social networks.

While we are a French-based company, we wanted to give this project a global scope by focusing on photographers from all backgrounds and artforms no matter their photographic choices, the subjects they shoot or their aesthetic approaches.

The first content sharing has started see our

page, and log in to our Instagram and Facebook accounts and follow us on this great adventure!

To find out more or join the program: